Use an aluminum casting to replace the cast iron

Use aluminum casting to replace iron casting

Use an aluminum casting to replace the cast iron will result in reducing by half the weight of components. This is why car manufacturers are looking for regions where they may replace the aluminum cast iron pieces. Most automobile manufacturers prefer a special aluminum alloy A 300 series has a wide range of chip set + Mg number of minors.
The chip is provide liquidity, while the casting, to allow some thin vote. Magnesium to strength (via heat treatment). An important feature, aluminum and its alloys, in with the show boundless fatigue strength, fatigue strength of aluminum alloy pressure and the need for more parking should be considered in the design cycle, increase in the number of parts.
Access to high quality castings for a different process to follow. While the permanent casting molds and other measures to ensure that it obtain the required cooling and vacuum pressure is applied to ensure proper flow and reduce porosity. Aluminum Yes, by the casting process of metal casting one of all minorities.
Aluminum is more use than any other metal alloy die casting. In the United States worth 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, aluminum alloy die-casting manufacture, annually. Die-casting is a smaller part of the production. However, when the expensive manufacturing equipment used in the casting weight 5 kg, 50 kg. Cost-effective, can be only through large-scale production. With the die-casting likely to have a close tolerance and surface finish. The manufacture of die casting metal mold into a large pressure, the molten metal. Rapid injection and high pressure to make fine-grained surface, leading to have the best wear and fatigue properties of rapidly solidified. Aluminum die casting, generally do not have heat, so they can not be welded.
Permanent Die Casting:
It is also known as gravity die casting, is suitable for mass production. Their maximum weight of 10 kg. However, in a heavy price, machinery and tools are widely used in casting the weight may be as high as 50 kg. Permanent mold casting casting rate is low, but the fast-curing metal mold, permanent mold casting mechanical properties, heat treatment can be further improved.
Sand Casting:
Sand casting is the casting and sand mold. In normal sand casting, die by the force around the design of mixed-bond along the sand design. Then, the design taken to leave the casting cavity. Molten metal into molds and curing, the mold broke down and eliminate casting. The most normal binder is a mixture of clay and water. Good metal processing approach needs to be a good casting.
Investment Casting:
It is usually plaster mold, wax, or other combustible materials, a one-time design. Gypsum slurry “invest” in the design of the melting of many casting plaster comprehensive design would be premature. Through these can make precision casting parts, aluminum parts can have thinner walls from 0.40 to 0.75 mm. It can also be used to exploit these issues require further processing of non-fine shape of a large number of components. These devices have low mechanical properties.

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